GTA Cheat Code

GTA San Andreas Vehicle Cheats (PC)

Posted on April 9, 2012

While playing the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) type the following code anytime (paused or during in game) to received the desired effect. This are not case sensitive so you can type it in lower or upper case. The following codes are for spawning some of the cool vehicles in the game and must be done on the road or nearby road especially when you want to spawn a car.


Code and Effect:


OLDSPEEDDEMON  -  Spawn a Devil

ITSALLBULL  -  Spawn a Dozer

OHDUDE  -  Spawn a Hunter

JUMPJET  -  Spawn a Hydra

MONSTERMASH  -  Spawn a Monster

FOURWHEELFUN  -  Spawn a Quad

VROCKPOKEY  -  Spawn a Racecar


CELEBRITYSTATUS  -  Spawn a Stretch

FLYINGTOSTUNT  -  Spawn a Stunt Plane

TRUEGRIME  -  Spawn a Trashmaster

CQZIJMB  -  Spawn a Bloodring Banger

RZHSUEW  -  Spawn a Caddy

VPJTQWV  -  Spawn a Race Car 2

JQNTDMH  -  Spawn a Rancher

AIWPRTON  -  Spawn a Rhino

URKQSRK  -  Spawn a Stunt Plane

AMOMHRER  -  Spawn a Tanker Truck

KGGGDKP  -  Spawn a Vortex Hovercraft


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