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GTA San Andreas Stats, Skill Cheat Code (PC)

Posted on April 9, 2012

In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC), the main character CJ can posses some skills and stats. Like for example you can train in Gym to increase his muscles or obtain great marksmanship by using a weapon frequently. But there's a faster way to obtain this, by entering the following codes you can boost CJ stats significantly or even to the max by entering the following codes. You can type this anytime during game or by pausing. These codes are not case sensitive.

Code and Effect:

NATURALTALENT  -  Max All Vehicle Skill Stats (Driving Skills)

BUFFMEUP  -  Max Muscle

WORSHIPME  -  Max Respect

HELLOLADIES  -  Max Sex Appeal

KANGAROO  -  Mega Jump


STICKLIKEGLUE  -  Perfect Handling

ROCKETMAYHEM  -  Recruit Anyone (Rockets)

MUNASEF  -  Adrenaline Mode

BTCDBCB  -  CJ is Fat

OUIQDMW  -  Full weapon aiming while driving

NCSGDAG  -  Hitman in all Weapon Stats

JHJOECW  -  Huge Bunny Hop


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